Codewave Leadership Cafe’

Codewave Leadership Cafe’​, is an event organized every week to have people come forward and speak, share stories, insights and inspiration from their lives.

codewave leadership cafe

This started one friday, as a casual evening event, where we had few team members come forward, talk about a ‘cause’ they felt deeply for, with a personal story and how they hoped to bring change.

Quoting their own life experiences, people shared thoughts on problems we have today, that are globally relevant, bringing focus to things we can do in our capacity with a slightly different perspective.

We had talks on taking care of the elderly, minimizing food wastage, making technology ‘accessible’ for people with poor eye sight and many more. Every one of them, candid and natural, uniquely influential in their own ways. We decided to call it the Codewave Leadership Cafe’.

Leadership cafe’ today, is a session that happens every week at Codewave, with team members presenting talks and answering live Q&As. We’ve also had a guest speaker once, our tea vendor and an entrepreneur Mrs. Ratna Mary, fondly called the “tea aunty” talking about her thriving 21 year business, the journey from serving 5 cups of tea to 500 cups a day, life experiences and insights.

We intend to keep this platform open for individuals and communities, who wish to share a spark of inspiration and be a part of these extraordinary evenings. If you’re interested in joining one of these sessions or being a guest speaker, send a message to [email protected]

Taking the spirit of Codewave to a global scale

We believe our everyday encounters with people, with our team members, customers, vendors and everyone associated with us at work in someway, can lead to profound exchanges, can bring deep transformations in warm ways, to people and the environment. “Peerly”, a Codewave product, intends to make these everyday opportunities more vivid, intensifying our connections with people and our experience of life at work. This we believe, would help companies bring positive change not just once a year, but at all moments of opportunity.

Codewave is the Chief Evangelist of Peerly, as the company embraces the spirit of leading with empathy and transparency.