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Services we offer

Digital Strategy &

Transformation with tech | Business Analysis | Industry benchmarking

Digital Product Design &

Product – Business – Tech unification | User profiling | Holistic UI/UX design

Web app design &

ReactJS | AngularJS | Mean Stack | NodeJS | Django | MongoDB

Mobile app design &

Android | iOS (iPhone, iPad) | React Native | Phonegap | Ionic

Website design &

AngularJS | WordPress | Drupal | PHP | LAMP| RubyOnRails | MEAN

AI aided systems

Wit.ai | Api.ai | IBM Watson | NLP | Machine Learning

Mesh Network based applications

Hypelabs.io | BLE | NFC (Near field communication) | Wifi Direct

Data analytics &

Algorithms | Data Mining | Charts | Highcharts | d3js | Hotjar | Custom

Realtime Chat & Chatbot development

Socket.io based apps | Facebook chatbot | Custom chat | Lead bot

Wearable app

Apple watch | Android watch | Fitness apps | Wearable payments

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Codewave is a 5 year old, design led technology services company, building capability to carry out large scale digitization projects & innovations.

With a strong culture of transparency & empathy, participative leadership and a nurtured environment for holistic growth, Codewave today is one of the most progressive workplaces driving high levels of employee engagement.

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Stories of impact


Peer to peer ride sharing app.  Scaled to 500k users and multiple cities  #UberFor2Wheelers.

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Peer to peer lending platform
 Lending platform offering loans faster than banks
#PeerToPeerLending #Fintech

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Codewave was exceptional when it came to project management; transparency throughout the project life cycle helped us stay on track. I appreciated their adherence to timelines and quality of the final product.

Cherian Sankey
Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

It has been a pleasure working with Abhijith and the Codewave team.
I was impressed with their dedication, quality work, and professionalism. They are very dependable and fully committed to the success of the project. Their “can-do” attitude and excellent communication made our work together a very positive experience.
I highly recommend this team.

Yuval Goren
CEO, Success Wizard, Inc.

Highlights of our engagement were Codewave’s ability to take on new problems and find creative solutions and teamwork – where they worked closely with our team to get things done.

AVR Venkatesa
Founder & CEO, Vroom

Codewave applied an agile development method which resulted in a perfectly customized solution keeping the 3 pillars – Scope, Time, Cost in check & achieving a roadmap which goes beyond my expectations.

Dan Gubler
Founder & CEO - Stafftimes

Thank you for working with me throughout the past couple months on development of my app! You were not only willing to work with my budget, but also with our time change difference. I appreciate the thoroughness and advice throughout the whole process and I look forward to working together on phase two shortly.

20 yr old- Baltimore, Maryland

Perspectives & Insights

73% patients are willing to share
their health data online if it
helps in diagnosis for

PWC survey 2015

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#Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence

Artificial Intelligence: On bringing Empathy to Artificial Intelligence, AI + E

by Abhijith HK

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#AgriculturalDrones #SustainableAgriculture

Agricultural drones for Agropreneurs and modern day farming

by Shweta

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Sprinkler Drone applications design and development

#GeoFencing #LocationAwareApps

Location Aware Apps: On using GPS, Telecom network and other sources for location

by Pruthviraj Karur

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Location aware apps with geofencing applications design and development

Scalable web apps with MEAN stack

#ScalableTech #MEANStack

Building scalable web applications with MEAN Stack

by Praveen

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Codewave’s Peerly makes
growth a daily affair,
with peer to peer

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Codewave Community

Codewave actively promotes Digital thinking for positive social change, through community initiatives like “Humans of the Digital Age”. We’re listening to people from different age groups, socio – economic – cultural backgrounds, professions, living conditions to understand the impact of digital technologies in their life.

Through this effort, we intend to be able to ask important questions concerning the progress of humanity, think innovatively to solve problems with technology, express how digital can intensify our experience of life & embrace possibilities that lie ahead of us.

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#TrainScheduleManagement #SwitchRoutesFast

IRCTC: How digitization of Indian railways can boost the economy

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#StreetFoodTech #LaymanTech

The Dosa Man: Smart Phone Run Street Food Business

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Food tech applications design and development

#SeniorCitizenTech #AgeInclusion

Senior citizens: Tech for being healthy, safe and socially connected

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#SmartForests #KnowOurForests

Smart forests: Protect century old medicinal trees, prevent them from being cut

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#GenderInclusion #SocialPlatforms

Transgenders: Technology for breaking barriers and bringing inclusion

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Food tech applications design and development

#AccessibleTech #TechForInclusion

Blind children: Smart technology for the visually impaired

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Codewave Leadership Café

Leadership Café is a platform for expression, that actively promotes practicing Self expression for effective communication. It is a 1 hour session every week, where team members, Guest speakers come forward and give talks on a topic they deeply care about – technology, business, design or life.

Through this effort, we intend to be able to create moments of truth for the speakers expressing themselves with authenticity & vulnerability, create opportunities for the audience to actively listen, think & question, creating an ambience of belonging & meaningful exchange.

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Codewave Culture

We’ve created a unique social model that inspires a daily-growth mindset, governs how we give feedback and how we receive feedback from our environment, bring focus on individual & collective growth. As a culmination of our people first practices & learnings, we’ve created Peerly, our own framework for continous growth, that enables people to grow at all moments of opportunity, not just once a year.

At Codewave, we believe transparency with empathy at core, is what will enable us to perform at our highest potential. Our everyday encounters with people connected to us at work, can lead to profound exchanges and opportunities for growth. Peerly makes these everyday opportunities more vivid, accelerating our learnings, leading to faster personal development. With Peerly, we’ve eliminated the need for yearly managerial interventions and replaced them with candid, constructive peer to peer feedback, delivered at the moment, when it’s most effective.

We believe enabling holistic personal – social – professional development, is an implicit social responsibility of any organization. Peerly, is an open framework available for any workplace to adopt.

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