Our community, culture, responsibility & way of life

Human transformation is our highest purpose & our core culture.

Learn how we live our core values everyday ⟶

Our community, culture, responsibility & way of life

Human transformation is our highest purpose &
our core culture.

Learn how we live our core values everyday ⟶

01.Why we started?

Make influence a part of everyone's job

Codewave was founded in May 2013, with a vision to bring design thinking to India and make every gig a UX led gig. That vision, gave birth to a people-first culture, that celebrated authenticity, voice of individuals encouraging free flow of influence shaping our journeys with customers & it's outcomes.

At Codewave, we love operating in clusters like a buzzing social network, encouraging teamplay & local decisions - with transparency, empathy & peer comfort central to all our interactions, both internal and external.

  • - Authenticity
  • - Voice
  • - Influence
  • - Empathy
  • - Self awareness

02.Why Codewave?

Bringing playful innovation, human centric design & transformative technology to accelerate businesses.

Our customers love us for the unique cluster of talent we bring onboard to every project. A cross-functional team of consultants specializing in multisensorial design, product thinking, agile practice, cloud/edge programming to best productize your idea, solve critical business problems in alignment with your vision & strategy, co-creating outcomes in a highly agile, highly collaborative environment.

We love re-imagining the future of your business, with possibilities of great design & latest technology. What makes it all worth it, is how our work makes your brand connect with people at a more human level.

Authenticity — Voice - Influence — Empathy - Self awareness

03.How we work?

High alignment, High agility

In a highly dynamic business environment, our customers love operating with high levels of agility, in deep alignment with their vision & strategy. We bring in strong design leadership & engineering directions, to bring your vision to life, in a way everyone feels in.

We bring intelligence & capability for need sensing, solution design & delivery.

Our projects are generally divided into phases, each phase spanning over a period of 4 - 6 months, where we form a powerful cluster to execute nimbly and deliver measurable, tangible outcomes for your business.
  • - Vision, strategy alignment
  • - Project phase sign off
  • - Design thinking workshops
  • - Solution design & architecture
  • - Agile software development
  • - Sprint demos
  • - Retrospectives

04.Our feedback culture

No to anonymity, Yes to awakening.

We believe our everyday encounters with people connected to us at work, can lead to profound exchanges and opportunities for growth. Peerly, Codewave’s own framework for continuous growth - makes these everyday opportunities more vivid, accelerating our learnings, leading to accelerated holistic personal development.

With Peerly, we’ve eliminated the need for yearly managerial interventions and replaced them with candid, constructive peer to peer feedback, delivered at moments, when it’s most organic and effective.

05.Live our brand

Intelligence, capability, altruism & humility

Behind every successful delivery of service, are the finest qualities of the human spirit & an organizational design that nudges people to be their greatest selves at work.

Codewave’s beliefs and values are universal, celebrates authenticity, voice & influence of individuals, promotes participative leadership and can be practiced anywhere you are, in anything you do.

Transparency & empathy are the very core of who we are & who we want to be.

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