Reality - virtuality, continuum

Knit immersive experiences for the complete spectrum of human and machine interactions with XR, Edge, and 5G

Codewave's XRvices for you:

- Strategy, design, prototype, and development services for architecting an enhanced immersive realism

- Reimagine CX with immersive solutions built for multisensorial engagement

- Design enterprise-ready, ergonomic XR solutions for the AR enabled HMDs

- Build AR effects/filters/capabilities for social platforms & your own camera apps

- Gamified e-commerce VRowsing experiences & AR apps development

- Simulated training, collaboration, and immersive learning apps development

- AR/MR led remote field services solutions development

- WebXR, Unity, ARCore, ARKit, AFrame, ViroReact, and related XR (AR/VR/MR) development services for the healthcare, education, retail, pharma, logistics, engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, energy, sports, and real-estate industries

- End-to-end XR consultation & development

Build for hyperreality.

XR can create hybrid realities that unlock new & enhanced modes of customer engagements. Building solutions for the converging physical & digital environments in a way that's more immersive, interactive, intuitive, and real. It opens up new growth channels for you.

Codewave's approach to developing XR applications is centered around diving deep into need identification, understand industry dynamics, and develop solutions accordingly to improve CX, augment value delivery, and scale at will or on need basis.

Convergence of reality-virtuality spectrum, unfolding XR

The line between the physical & digital worlds is continuously blurring. The excitement around the metaverse is at its peak. Companies are driving 90% increase in conversions by exploiting XR (AR, VR, MR).

The extended reality (XR) realm

XR is all about virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). XR is a super-set name for VR, AR, MR software & hardware. The X in XR is a placeholder or variable for VR, AR, and MR environments that fall under what's called the reality-virtuality continuum.

Virtual reality (VR) solutions create completely immersive experiences accessible via a digital screen. This screen is often embedded/integrated/plugged in a head-mounted display (HMD) like Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift or Microsoft's Hololens 2. VR is also accessible via web browsers & native OS. Immersive game environments, virtual banking kiosks, exhibition booths in a digital event, 3D training apps, and fashion in the metaverse are your typical VR use-cases.

Augmented reality (AR) is superimposing digital information or entities on real world screen captured videos (recorded, or live streamed). Unlike VR, your vision is not limited to just the screen, you can interact with the surroundings. You'll be able to differentiate between the real and digital. Remote field services & assistance, try before you buy, machinery & equipment training are your common AR use cases.

Mixed reality (MR) is when digital entities co-exist with real world objects. You can interact with both real & digital entities using sensors and MR hardware. The interaction is as if the digital objects are real as well. These interactions & digital objects behavior are in line with the laws of physics. Entering into a room by opening a real wooden door and then Interacting with a virtual glass window with a linen blind to see a virtual sunset outside could be an example of mixed reality.

Exploit XR to transform your business

XR has diverse applications, from cutting costs to optimizing conversions & revenue generation, efficient collaboration, enhanced omnichannel experiences, better learning, and improved connectivity. Literally, there are endless use cases of XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality) for ecommerce, retail, education, healthcare, manufacturing, travel, leisure, sports, automobiles, and entertainment industries. How do you wish to utilize it?

Explore VR, AR, MR possibilities for your organization with our consultants. ⟶

Codewave's core pillars of digital platform development

We design for delightful omnichannel CX with Intelligent automation engines for real-time insights; Data sensing & storage solutions for high precision & effectiveness; Agile architecture for speed, scale, and flexibility; DevSecOps approach for fast, secure, and continuous innovation.

Design thinking led Digitization Practitioners

Our team of Design thinking led Agile, Digital transformation practitioners & lead consultants, through digital strategy consulting, design innovation and technology development, have impacted 300+ businesses in 15+ countries, in the last 8 years of operations.

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