Right tech for right care. Maximizing patient centricity, developing AI assisted diagnosis, prognosis & predictions.

Modern day healthcare consumers seek personalized attention & preventive / curative care easily accessible online at moments of high need. Codewave helps healthcare service providers devise an integrated Data & AI strategy to provide holistic, personalized care to patients, meeting moments of high need with deep care. This could involve highly dynamic cross-industry collaboration among various multi-specialty hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostic companies, pharma companies, health insurance providers etc enabled by a connected suite of web & mobile platforms, applications and AI aided systems.

Personalized healthcare and privacy protection of patient’s health data are two major goals of healthcare entities at the moment. Data-driven insights assist doctors in accurately predicting the chances of an illness, diagnose / detect symptoms early and accordingly plan effective and personalized treatment. Healthcare consortiums and private Blockchain solutions improve security of health record management and maintain integrity of patient data. Blockchain enabled operations also open possibilities for effective collaboration between industries, government and businesses to access patient information, become context aware & maximize value delivered to the patient in realtime.

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Our offerings for Healthcare :

- Electronic medical record management app development

- Patient data digitization and cloud analytics

- Patient profiling, big data analysis, doctor insights

- Patient - doctor engagement platform, online consulting

- Custom hospital management systems, clinic management systems

- Custom prognostic, diagnostic software applications

- Machine Learning for disease recognition (from scans)

- IoT for sensing data of patient under observation & cloud analytics

- Predictive modelling & analysis of patterns in health data

- Integration with Google’s AI/ML for detecting known diseases

- Hospital portals and websites for easy patient access

- Blockchain enabled platform development for cross-industry collaboration for patient care

We work with hospitals, healthcare organizations and connected industries (such as online pharmacy, telemedicine, in-house healthcare, fitness & wellness centers, biotech R&D, smart medical devices) helping them reimagine their digital future with a unique data strategy driving high patient engagement and integrating technologies & tools into their organisational processes, to deliver maximum patient value.

AI/ML used in healthcare industries and other synergic industries

AI/ML delievering value in healthcare tech and telehealth

Success stories

More trends on today's healthcare tech:
Why take action now?

- Worldwide revenue of wearable medical devices is estimated to be anywhere from $30–90 billion by the year 2025

- 84% of healthcare organizations are already using cloud technology

- Global medical robotics market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2023

- Healthcare data is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 36% through the year 2025

- According to a mckinsey report more than 79% of digital consumers search for doctors and hospitals rating and reviews online. 75% monitor daily health through smart devices and wearables. More than 70% order prescriptions/drugs online and checks for health information online.

- Indian healthcare market to be valued at $372Bn by 2022

Today, your digital strategy could involve participation and integration of multiple industries and cross-pollination of ideas and offerings.

There’s high levels of integration, collaboration and interoperability made possible with technologies like Blockchain. Also, fluctuation in demand for one industry could impact others. For example, rising demand for food delivery at the door, increased the demand for 2-wheeler transport to solve the ‘last-mile-connectivity’ problem and the demand for fractional ownership of bikes.

Multi-industry collaborations or cross-domain integrations are becoming the new norm, to thrive in today’s “Intelligence first” era, businesses need to embrace this change and exploit advanced digital technologies to participate in consistently delivering maximum consumer value.

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