Personalized online self-learning & social-learning with dynamic adaptive self-assessments are taking education beyond the classroom.

Our approach towards solving problems for Education industry starts with identifying needs of your business ecosystem & all of its market participants - learners, parents, teachers, influencers, institutions, online course providers, content creators, mass media publishing / broadcast partners, education boards, universities, placement cells, training service providers etc.

Technology has transformed businesses in this industry to bring “Learner-centricity” in its operations. Opportunities to learn arise outside the classrooms, which the learner today isn’t aware of and doesn’t have access to look up information at moments of high need to see an answer or hear an explanation. Learning outside classrooms can be simplified and made engaging with technology as much as learning inside classrooms. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to disrupt.

AI/ML can accelerate self learning, by bringing relevant educational content closer to the learner’s real world experience, dynamically assessing the impact of that content on the learner and progressing accordingly. As self learning becomes mainstream, educational institutions and instructors could transform their roles to becoming personal transformational coaches.

Our offerings for education sector:

- Digitization of course content & question banks

- Self-learning apps with video tutorials & adaptive/practice tests

- Web, mobile, tablet apps enabling online learning

- Online mock exams & learner’s progress reports

- School management systems, teacher-student interaction apps

- Custom software development for educational institutions

- Board & competitive exam preparation apps

- Psychometric tests & assessments for social-emotional wellness

- Adaptive Learning Algorithm development & content personalization

- Social learning enablement, peer to peer knowledge sharing platforms

- Large scale Edu content production & distribution management tools

- Education to employability mapping applications

- Learner to mentor connect social platforms

We’re reimagining a world with technology accelerating continuous lifelong learning, delivering relevant content in moments that matter and in a way that’s most effective in today’s digitally distracted age. This requires continuous gathering, structuring & analysis of holistic information of learners to better profile learners, ultimately delivering unique, personalized “in-the-moment” learning experiences.

Agritech trends and synergetic industries

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Today, your digital strategy could involve participation and integration of multiple industries and cross-pollination of ideas and offerings.

There’s high levels of integration, collaboration and interoperability made possible with technologies like Blockchain. Also, fluctuation in demand for one industry could impact others. For example, rising demand for food delivery at the door, increased the demand for 2-wheeler transport to solve the ‘last-mile-connectivity’ problem and the demand for fractional ownership of bikes.

Multi-industry collaborations or cross-domain integrations are becoming the new norm, to thrive in today’s “Intelligence first” era, businesses need to embrace this change and exploit advanced digital technologies to participate in consistently delivering maximum consumer value.

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