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Looking for a neat website, that carries your brand identity & positioning, illustrates your vision and organizational values, presents information about your products or services impactfully and starts socializing with your audience, with relevant questions and sharp answers? We could help build beautiful, responsive, interactive websites, driving deep engagement with people, with the help of trending solutions like Chatbots and Conversational UI (user interfaces).

A website that is usable, simple and elegant, presenting useful information and relevant actions, is a game changer for your business. At Codewave, we help present your business impactfully, creating an integrated website experience for your audience. We help repurpose content, offer copywriting services for your web pages and ensure the visual content and the tone of copy, carries the overall character of the brand. We also build custom tracking solutions, so you could understand how your website visitors are navigating through your website before deciding to contact your business. This information also could help you understand your target market better and optimize your offerings and pitch.

Did you know?

 With a “Responsive website” you needn’t built a separate website for mobile browsers. You can optimize image sizes and hide few sections on the website, if it is being viewed on a mobile browser so the pages load fast.

 With “Bluetooth” compatible web browsers, your website could connect to nearby mobile devices without internet.

 A website can serve as your brand’s pitch, mobile brochure or catalog that can be changed or updated at any time, using a content management system.

All websites we design and develop are responsive in nature (automatically adjusts to different screen sizes), we focus on creating convenient website viewing experiences and interactions, independent of what device it is being viewed on. We ensure that your website is usable on all internet connected devices, information can be read and actions can be taken conveniently from mobile devices, you do not need to develop a separate mobile website. Our team has designed and developed more than 100 responsive websites for businesses across the globe.

Typically what kind of websites we build?

  • We design and develop corporate websites, upgrade or revamp old websites, to improve information architecture, visual content and media, make the site influential, useful and usable on every device. Mostly the objective here is to improve engagement, generate qualified leads.
  • We design and develop highly interactive websites, that have a conversational experience / questionnaire experience that intend to understand the user through few questions and suggest relevant services
  • We build highly dynamic eCommerce sites and portals, that are integrated with various online payment options and services like RazorPay

We also do website / portal / app revamp & upgrades, legacy to cloud migrations, ongoing web site / portal / app maintenance, content management systems, business admin applications, custom analytics & reports, payment gateway / Wallet / UPI integrations.

How do we manage projects and deliver?

Click to learn more about our “agile mindset” and how we’ve made Agile our own, with a focus on progress than burnout.


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