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Wearables like smartwatches, smart bags are enhancing our experience of life while we rest, move and travel, connecting with people, places and things.

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Whether you are a business selling fashion accessories, looking to launch a premium product line for smartphone users (or) you are into a business intensifying the experience of life (or) a startup trying to unify fashion and technology with a smart wearable device, we could help. At Codewave we understand the need for your business to be “technology forward” and exploiting what wearable – tech can deliver for your customers. With wearable apps for apple watches, android watches, bags with a smart lock and other smart accessories, you could heighten the user experience and deliver your solutions through premium touchpoints.

Did you know?

 With “Near field communication” (mesh network) you can have all your smart devices – say, your smartwatch and your mobile phone could talk to each other without internet.

 We could program your wearable device to access regular mobile phone functions like dialing a call or clicking a selfie using your phone’s camera or playing music.

 We could make your wearable device connect with smart home solutions like Google Home or Amazon Echo, to initiate specific actions like “Play music”, “Turn off the lights” etc.

How do we manage projects and deliver?

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