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Timely : Deliver predictably with remote, agile, self managed teams

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Deliver predictably
with remote, agile,
self managed

Features for teams & org

Remote mode

Manage your presence at office, WFH status or Vacation status easily from the app with peer consensus.

Peers' availability

Get high visibility of your peers' availability, work modes and how occupied they've been.

Sprint retro

Realign with your peer cluster to review the past sprint & co-created outcomes, along with learnings.

Work sprint design

Gain high clarity on how your week looks like and predict impact you can create by making your precence work.

Daily huddle calls

Recieve automated daily huddle calls on your phone to participate in standups with your peer cluster, at a preset time.

Wellness check

See how occupied each peer has been over the last 12 weeks, to empathise with them for upcoming work.

Self assignment

Pull activities you want to own up in your role or cross-functional & take a chance to challenge your potential.

Peer power

Gain access to instant peer support within your peer network or across the org to seek help with work.

Capacity planning

Predict the capacity you will have available for the next few weeks based on how your teams are engaged now.

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Who is Timely for?

project teams timely

I am a project team member working at office or remotely, seeking predictability in my peers’ availability & high clarity in what needs done this week. On Timely, I can:

Manage my availability & work mode

See my peers’ availability & work mode

See how my week looks like

Self-assign work that I want to pick up

Pick up cross-functional activities outside my role

Give / Get peer consensus on my planned absence

Enable continuous growth & agility with a peer feedback culture.

peerly product demo
Human transformation by practicing self management
High trust culture,
peer power & inspired agility
Symbiosis, value exchange
and innovation
Authenticity, transparency, empathy & openness

Team behind timely

In 2013, Codewave set out to bring ‘design thinking’ to India, which was then a land of outsourced IT & BPO. But we knew that we had to first create a place that was designed to foster human greatness. A place where individuals are allowed to be who they want to be & are empowered to put their best work.

Codewave creates a fearless adventure of knowing what to do when no one is telling you what to do. We believe self management & shared peer trust could make work safer than central control. We also believe collective wisdom of the crowd is enough to make an organization thrive by tapping into individual greatness.