Codewave's 15 point Survival Manual

A culture of Freedom + Accountability.

Everyone who comes in touch with Codewave leaves more empowered & entrepreneurial.

Codewave's 15 point Survival Manual

Winning through open, social, participative leadership.

Everyone who comes in touch with Codewave leaves more open, honest, humble & human.

01.Respect for the individual.

We have a reception area, but no receptionists.

Everyone at Codewave, from leaders to interns receives guests, gives directions, serves coffee, opens the office, pulls down the shutters, turns on the generator and dials the phone.

02.Eliminating the unnecessary.

We have no cubicles, no walls between tables.

No walls, but we have people facing each other. You may find tables and chairs scattered around; that’s because we work in clusters, which makes people happier and our work the best.

03.People over profits. Period.

We feel money is just a by-product of a business headed right.

We’ve so far managed to make money and share it with people, without having to shift our focus from people to money. We believe in sustaining and scaling gracefully.

04.Free flow of influence.

Our meetings are fueled by attention and involvement.

There are no rules to decide who should be present in what meetings. People get involved, proactively involve more individuals if needed for greater impact.

Ownership - Dependability - Competence - Teamplay - Impact

05.Outcome focussed.

It’s perfectly okay to not look busy all the time.

You may find that not everyone looks busy all the time and it’s perfectly okay to be so. What matters is, how you respond to challenges that come to you and how you help others to do the same.

06.Leave no-one behind.

We grow when we enable others to make decisions.

It’s not enough to build capability to take decisions yourself, we believe true success lies in empowering others to take decisions on their own, as well. Grow to be a growth catalyst.

07.Self awareness is gold.

The only rule that works is common sense.

We’ve often solved the greatest of challenges by being human, humble and by applying common sense. Nothing else. There are no rules here but one – which is to wear your common sense.

08.Flexibility to do your best work.

We don’t need to have facetimes always.

Some of us are morning people, others start the day late and stretch till late night. You may not see everyone around always. And that’s okay as long as we’re open to adjust when it helps the team.

09.No to anonymity, yes to awakening.

We have 360 peer feedback, coming in from different teams

Everyone gets to constructively review peers and the results are directly shared with the individual, without compromising on the message. Anyone who’s unable to adapt to change, usually leaves someway or the other. This also means leaders can be voted out.

10.Work in clusters, take decisions locally.

There’s no need for micro-management.

We’ve been thriving with individual ownership, eliminating the need for supervision. This does not mean that there’s no accountability. There’s deep sense of personal responsibility.

11.Future of work.

Disruptive workplaces adopt participative leadership.

We’re not the only company to embrace participative leadership. Workplaces of future, will belong to those who’d let go of control, blind irrational authority and accept rising personal leadership.

12.Transparency at every level.

Everyone knows how much money we’re making.

Anyone can review a business opportunity. Everyone gets to see where our customers come from, what they need, how we can meet the need, what price we quote and what our cash position is.

13.Self transformation, the ultimate purpose.

Growth is a daily affair, not yearly.

We promote people, when they’re ready for the next level. We see Codewave as a platform where people come together and rise as leaders in life. We call it the Codewave Leadership Cafe’.

14.Lead by example & influence.

Live what you preach, lead by example.

Peerly, is a product by Codewave, that embodies all that we do, we say, we believe and we’ve learnt from people and experiences at Codewave. It helps teams adopt transparency and empathy.

15.Customer fairplay

We recognize customers for playing fair

We’ve never compromised on transparency and fairplay, with team members or customers. We’ve recognized great customers and also sometimes have fired customers who’re unreasonable

Freedom and Responsibility

Organization as a social network, nudging people to be their best selves

We strive to maintain enough autonomy to drive self-governance, enough structure to eliminate needless chaos.

Every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen.

What excites us is openness, opportunity & human transformation.

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