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Another spectacular evening at office yesterday with some fascinating talks! We had everyone share about a ’cause’ they felt deeply for, with a personal story and how they hoped to bring change. Quoting their own life experiences, people shared thoughts on problems we have today that are globally relevant, bringing focus to things we can do in our capacity with a slightly different perspective; like taking care of the elderly, minimizing food wastage, making technology ‘accessible’ for people with poor eye sight, supporting the government for making basic health diagnostics free for all and many more. Every one of them, candid and natural, uniquely influential in their own ways and shining in their light.

We decided to call it the Codewave Leadership Cafe’.

Vinay won our hearts with a soul stirring talk about the lack of care & affection we give people and lives that are connected to us in some way, starting from our own families.

“Money doesn’t matter, it’s all in showing a little care & affection”, moved us all deeply in ways we hadn’t imagined; making it a truly special moment for all us.

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