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Everything needs a makeover! From old to new. From outdated to in-fashion. From primitive to state-of-the-art. Here is a story of one of our greatest website makeovers!

Very recently, a friend at an auto-component manufacturing company in Bangalore approached us, shared that he was flying soon to Germany for an international conference where he needed to present his company to a large global audience and needed a total remake of his company website. Basically, complete website “refashioning”, sprucing it up with contemporary design and powerful brand messaging. In about 2 and a half days.

We took a quick look at his website and knew exactly what we needed to do next.

Here’s how the website looked before and after the makeover.


The result is a presentation to remember, powerful brand recall and a happy brand evangelist. We are doing more such website makeovers, helping brands communicate and connect with people better and doing stuff you’d love to point out on your business card.

Codewave launches Circuit9 to win big bang awards 2013

The first website, the first milestone, the first recognition is invaluable to Codewave, for many reasons. Our first launch, was a corporate website for Circuit9, a creative ad agency. One of the things about doing a corporate website is that you’ve got to be extremely careful about the perception of the brand, overall experience on the website and ease of use. (Even more complex, if its a creative agency.) It isn’t a job. Its a responsibility. This being our first, we had all the reasons to be anxious.

The one thing on our mind was to nail the experience. Of-course there were other things too like SEO (the Google science), responsive design, bug fixing and all the rest of it.

While we were coding, testing and deploying, we made sure people loved every bit of what they saw.

That vision, continues to be central to everything we do and we believe differentiates us from everyone else.

Later this year, Circuit9 got a massive opening from people and won the Big-Bang award for the best corporate website 2013.