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“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo da Vinci

There’s quite something about how our team formed and grew. Neither by plan, nor by accident; it just happened organically with people and connections! What’s incredible is the power of connection and how we’re all connected.

codewave connection graph

This fundamental thing, of being human, feeling connected and working as one team for something larger than ourselves, pushes us to be our best and go the extra mile.


Codewave turns one this month, leaving behind for us an inspiring graph of growth, stories of rapport and a nimble team ready for tomorrow. It’s been a fulfilling year serving the planet in our own ways and what’s made it possible is our people; a passionate team and an encouraging work environment we’ve happened to create together. Today we’re proud to have a work culture refreshingly unique to Codewave and a distinct “Codewaver” spirit that reflects in everything we do and the way we do.

From a couch to a few thousand square feet office, what’s been fuelling our growth is our passion to build apps people love to see and touch.

“I was amazed at how the client reacted when they saw what we built” – Nagesh, Codewaver

“It makes me proud to show stuff I build to my family and friends” – Praveen, Codewaver

Rising higher,
The Codewave team