Web Portals

Architecture, Design and Development of complex web portals and enterprise portals to create single point of access to information, resources and applications and make it available for users to meet critical business objectives.

Are you looking for an enterprise portal solution that combines a forum, email, search engine and resources for shared learning? Or a consumer web portal that offers world news, entertainment feed, games and email all in one place? Or a government web portal committed to creating online engagement platform for its citizens? We could provide you customized portal solutions, for your requirement.

We architect, design and develop customized web portal solutions aimed at accelerating your business. Send us a note, briefly describing your need. We will get in touch with you on how we could help.

What is a Web portal?

A web portal is an extensive website that creates single point of access to information, resources and applications available on the internet. Yahoo, MSN, CNET are examples of a web portal. Few types of web portals are job portals, entertainment portals, B2B or B2C portals, eCommerce Portals, enterprise portals, government portals etc. Building a web portal may involve interaction with multiple technology platforms, different types of software and hardware, third party applications and databases to gather information and provide services from a number of different sources. We are currently building an extensive dress rental portal that combines dress shopping, shopping cart, live group chat (private chat), payment fulfilment and user account.

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What are the benefits of a Web portal?

1) Potential to be a great starting point for your consumers on the internet
2) Single place to sign-in for access to all resources, applications and people, ideal for corporates / enterprises
3) Potential to bring together diverse functionalities under one roof – shopping cart, live chat, forum, billing etc.

Why should Codewave do your Web portal?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 250 applications for the web and mobile and large portals utilizing open source plugins, shopping cart platforms, payment gateways and complex functionality like online group chat (private group chat). If you need a web portal solution architected and built for your need, our team of skilled designers and programmers can build one for you.

Ready to get started? Tell us briefly about your project and let’s start a conversation.