Mobile Sites

Design and Development of highly optimized mobile sites (WAP sites), to make your website usable even on low end phones with slow internet connections.

Check how your website looks on a mobile phone. Use our mobile testing tool to test if your website is mobile-friendly. Got a content heavy website? Too many images to load? How long does your website take to load on a mobile phone browser today? Will having a responsive website help? Or would you need a light weight version of your website for mobile viewing? Let’s help you with some answers.

We do end to end design and development of mobile sites, adapting desktop websites for mobile users, keeping it minimalistic aimed at optimal performance for faster loading on phones and tablets. You choose what must go into your mobile site – whether it should have all features as on your desktop site or a sub set of it or a completely different set of features. We will take care of the design, experience and development and help you create user friendly mobile web experiences as close as possible to a native mobile app.

What is Mobile Web?

Mobile Web refers to accessing internet from a mobile device, a smart phone or a feature phone connected to a mobile network or a wireless network. Building your mobile site requires careful adaptation of your desktop site, which works not just on high end smart phones but on even low end feature phones. Making your website design responsive might not always make it optimal for all internet phones, with lower processing and rendering capabilities. Building a separate mobile site can be valuable when you need to make available a set of your services online for a large chunk of mobile internet users, without having them to download and install an app.

Here is one we designed and developed, the site detects the device user is accessing from and automatically redirects to from .in to .mobi, a light weight version of the desktop site.

Codewave - optimized and lightweight mobile website design and development company

What are the benefits of a Mobile site?

1) Potential to reach a massive segment of mobile web users including feature phone users
2) No download or installation needed. Only a mobile browser with internet needed.
3) Ability to completely optimize the site for performance, faster loading of pages
4) SEO advantage for mobile searches

Why should Codewave do your Mobile site?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 70 mobile apps for people across the globe for mobile phones and tablets for multiple platforms. We have also designed and developed more than 100 responsive websites for people across the globe. If you need a mobile site designed and developed from scratch adapted from your desktop site, we could help you launch your mobile site in a matter of weeks. We have our mobile web experts to define the user interface & user experience on the site, optimize performance for faster loading of pages and make it search engine friendly for mobile searches.

Ready to get started? Tell us briefly about your project and let’s start a conversation.