Mobile Apps

Design and Development of mobile apps, tablet apps for android and iOS to create rich digital touch-points for people to engage with your business.

Does your business need a mobile app? Should it be for your consumers or fellow – businesses or for use within your enterprise itself? Should it be for phones or tablets? Why not just make your website responsive for all devices? Let’s help you with some answers.

Send us a note, we will get in touch with you for a brief discussion on how adopting mobility holistically can help your business.

We do end to end design and development of custom mobile applications for phones and tablets aimed at building rich mobile experiences for your target audience. We work with you from concept to launch, which includes carefully defining user interface & user experience, developing visuals and screen flows, coding on the desired mobile platform and finally launching to app stores. We also help you manage new versions and push updates hassle – free.

What can a Mobile app do (that sites cannot)?

A Mobile app is an application built for a smart phone or a tablet that can use the built-in capabilities of the device it is residing on to fulfil key user actions. For example, a mobile app can access your phone’s address book, camera, current location (even your altitude, which floor you are in), device and SIM information, call and sms features to perform some key functions. This introduces your business to a new level of possibilities as you can create engaging user interactions to solve a problem for your users on the mobile, faster and smarter.

codewave - native and hybrid mobile app development and design company

What are the benefits of a Mobile app?

1) Potential to use inherent device features to solve problems faster and smarter
2) Potential to create rich user interactions, use gestures like swipe, drag, touch etc
3) Choice of building a device specific app or an html5 app that can be used on all devices.
4) You can customize a phone or a tablet to run only your app and brand the device as yours

Why should Codewave do your Mobile app?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 70 mobile apps for people across the globe for android and iOS platforms for mobile phones and tablets. We have also done device level, OS level customizations aimed at building branded mobile products that just run a single app and nothing else. If you need one designed from scratch or port an existing app to a new mobile platform, we could help you with both and launch your app in a matter of weeks. We have our design experts to define the user interface & user experience on your app, put light-weight visuals & media to use and strong mobile app developers to weave it all together.

Ready to get started? Tell us briefly about your project and let’s start a conversation.