Enterprise Software

Architecture, Design and Development of customized Enterprise Software solutions that embrace business logic and support key functions to help organizations operate optimally and efficiently.

Does your enterprise have strong decision support systems? Do you use data wisely before you make strategic moves? Are your business processes optimized to give the best results? Would having an online procurement system accelerate your business? Identify top 3 problems in your enterprise today that can immediately significantly improve productivity and efficiency if digitized rightly. We will help you see immediate results with powerful software solutions tailored to fit.

We help organizations with end to end design, development and deployment of customized enterprise solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. We make sure the solutions we develop are intuitive for your staff, aligned to your work culture, ways of operating and decision making. We will work with your team to understand everyday behaviors and gradually get them used to performing functions on our applications.

What is an Enterprise Software?

An Enterprise Software is an application or a suite of applications that help improving overall productivity and efficiency. Few examples of enterprise software are CRM, Business Intelligence software, online procurement system etc. Enterprise applications are now moving to cloud, where some or all of the enterprise’s infrastructure is moved to the cloud. Some enterprises also choose a hybrid solution where cloud applications are integrated with existing legacy systems.

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What are the benefits of Enterprise Software?

1) Potential to digitize critical business processes to maximize productivity
2) Choice of migrating enterprise infrastructure to cloud and being mobile ready
3) Potential to architect robust systems that help you scale up your business faster

Why should Codewave do your Enterprise Software?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 250 applications for the web and mobile and large portals utilizing open source plugins, CRMs, shopping cart platforms, billing systems and complex functionality like online group chat (private group chat). If you need an Enterprise Software solution architected and built for your need, our team of skilled designers and programmers can build one for you.

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