e-Commerce portals

Design and Development of e-Commerce portals (electronic commerce), to enable consumers to buy and businesses to sell products and services online, powered by the internet.

Do you have a retail store? How do your customers and businesses engage with you today? Can all of it or some parts of it be done online? Who gets to see your products and learn about your services? Is your brand reaching out to people who are shopping online? These are questions worth addressing now, if you don’t have an online store.

We help businesses small and big, with end to end design, development and launch of their online retail store. We make sure your portal is continuously optimized for the right keywords and gets the traffic it deserves. To further broaden online reach and engagement, we make your portal responsive so mobile users too can interact with it conveniently. Once out there, we will help you with analytics and reports on how your store is performing, understanding what products sell and what don’t and help you continuously tune your portal offerings to meet the market needs.

What is an e-Commerce portal?

An e-Commerce portal is a website that allows buying and selling of products and services online, on the internet. It is your virtual store that brings the shopping experience happening offline at your physical retail store into the portal for consumers shopping online to be able to engage with your store. An e-Commerce portal will typically have web pages taking you through the stages encompassing offline shopping behaviors like entering the store, finding products, shortlisting products, comparing products and then finally purchasing it.

We are currently building an extensive dress rental portal that allows consumers to check out dresses, compare them, shortlist them, discuss online with their friends to form an opinion and then ask for a trial or rent or purchase them. We have made sure the user experience through each and every step of the shopping journey, is as close as possible to the experience you would have at a retail store shopping with your friends.

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What are the benefits of an e-Commerce portal?

1) Potential to sell your products and services to a massive number of online shoppers
2) Ability to easily run promotions and offers that anyone across the globe can avail
2) Cashless transactions, electronic payment and no offline commerce
3) Potential to have separate B2B and B2C portal offerings

Why should Codewave do your e-Commerce portal?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 250 applications for the web and mobile and highly optimized and scalable portals utilizing open source plugins, shopping cart platforms, payment gateways and complex functionality like online group chat (private group chat). If you need an e-Commerce portal solution architected and built for your need, our team of skilled designers and programmers can build one for you.

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