Digital business, xtreme agility.

Analytics, Automation & AI for high business agility & profitability

Our digitization intervention includes:

- Aligning with your brand vision, positioning, strategy & values

- Understanding your business ecosystem & digitization needs at various levels

- Reviewing your digital technology systems, applications & infrastructure

- Prescribing digitization & modernization initiatives to improve key metrics

- Developing a strategically aligned digitization / modernization roadmap

We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive digital business strategy that encompasses the 4 main pillars of technology - information, intelligence, automation & omnipresence.

We bring design leadership & technology development capabilities to build & transform a digital enterprise, remove barriers to achieve high enterprise agility, make yours a data-empowered & process-automated business, add predictive intelligence for realtime decision support, reimagine technology enabled CX - to deliver value at speed and scale.

Digital transformation practice

We offer a holistic suite of ‘design led development’ services - to enable your business to run on the cloud 24/7. Our interventions generally start with a highly modular architecture of your digital business and engineering foundational building blocks required to sustain scale.

Our engineering team, recommends using Microservices (FaaS approach) to give your digital business flexibility to run each service independently, without impacting the other. We bring strong expertise in building an integrated suite of applications & systems (running multiple microservices), hosted on a ‘Serverless’ infrastructure.

Web and mobile applications are built using modern open source technologies, programming languages and frameworks (commonly MEAN/MERN stack , NodeJS / Python - MongoDB combination, ReactNative - Firebase combination etc tailored for the need).

Enterprise x.o

Connected people, actionable data, automated processes, intelligent operations

Our data philosophy is about architecting solutions to serve critical business needs, enabling/empowering leaders to make instant decisions by delivering continuous real-time insights.

We exploit modern open source technologies & frameworks to bring innovative solutions to life. We architect solutions keeping in mind - modularization and simplification of complex enterprise operations.

Learn how we build integrated systems & applications

Design thinking led Digitization Practitioners

Our team of Design thinking led Agile, Digital transformation practitioners & lead consultants, through digital strategy consulting, design innovation and technology development, have impacted 200+ businesses in 15+ countries, in the last 6.5 years of operations.

Seeking a natural, symbiotic partnership? Having the right team onboard is everything.

We believe every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen.

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