Desktop Apps

Design and Development of desktop apps, for standalone machines, windows or mac that can be installed on a single computer to perform specific tasks for your business.

Does your business need critical applications to run your production units every-day without being affected by fluctuations in internet connectivity? Or a software program that only a select group of people in a networked environment must run? Would you install desktop productivity apps and other accessories to personalize your experience on your pc? We could build you a desktop app tailored for your need.

We do end to end design and development of customized desktop applications for windows or mac aimed at performing certain set of tasks specific to your business. Send us a note, we will get in touch with you for a brief discussion on how standalone, desktop applications can help your business.

What is a desktop app?

A Desktop app is an application built for a standalone computer which runs using resources available locally, the computer’s processor, memory and hard disk. Essentially, if you install and run a desktop software on ten different desktop devices of the same brand, compatibility issues may still arise. However, desktop apps are exposed to less security risks than web apps, as you have total control on standalone applications and they are not open to multiple users, unless specifically configured for selected networked users.

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What are the benefits of a Desktop app?

1) Ability to work offline, independent of internet, on a standalone computer
2) Ability to restrict access to run the app to a single computer or set of networked computers
3) Lower security threats as usage is restricted to one or few selected users.

Why should Codewave do your Desktop app?

We have, in the last one year designed and developed more than 250 applications and large portals utilizing lean architectures, scalable databases and complex algorithms. If you need a desktop solution architected and built from scratch our team of skilled programmers can build one for you.

Ready to get started? Tell us briefly about your project and let’s start a conversation.