Can robots producing food bring a homemade touch?

Meet Puratva, a business that produces homemade “sattu” (grain & spice powder), rich in protein, from a village in Bodhgaya employing several village residents, today is distributing about 2000 packets every day to Delhi, NCR & Bihar bringing back the charm of enjoying traditional, protein-rich, organic breakfast to Indian families in the north.

It’s easy to imagine robots doing some parts of the mill work – like tempering the grains at a certain temperature or grinding them or packaging the powder. But what makes Puratva’s “sattu” extremely special and homemade, is the heart and hard work with which it is made today, employing local village residents for whom it’s more about sharing their daily meal with people who live miles away.

Avinash Pathak & Mahendra Pathak, founders of Puratva share that their highest intention is to serve food in it’s purest form, to serve not the just the body, but also touch the soul.

That rustic taste of authentic “Sattu” from my native, Bihar, would linger long every
time I would have it. And I would look for the same quality and taste in Delhi where I had been staying for quite a few years. Visiting small shops to bigger super stores and trying one brand to another proved either average or even worse experience for my palate. Different brands lacked on different parameters – simplicity, taste, purity, and some on all, including unreasonable cost.

That is when it occurred to me that I have got an opportunity here to do something for a larger good. And over the last few years of my job, I gradually started to prepare towards starting something on my own and Puratattva came into existence.”

As far as the product was concerned I had made up my mind to start with launching “Sattu”. The launch had to be in a professionally designed and appealing packet so that it could catch the eyes of customers passing by the shelf in the retail store. And of course, the content within it was going to be superb in quality and purity.

To achieve all this, I needed a place and a partner whose thoughts matched the wavelength of my opinion on the importance of simplicity & purity, which automatically translates to quality when it comes to food products. It did not take long for me to think of a place and a person who was going to assist and accompany me in realizing what I envisaged. It was my native place, Bakrour, a village on the bank of river Niranjana, which flows through the holy city of Gaya and Bodhgaya, an international destination for tourism and spirituality. Despite being a small village, Bakrour has enough modern amenities and resources required to start a business on medium scale. And my brother, Mahendra Pathak, a entrepreneur right from the initial years of his career proved to be the key to our business. He had an excellent experience of milling industry and machinery. I spoke to him to solicit his involvement and he was instantly and happily ready.

After we came together, we decided on our roles to play in the project execution. While I took care of all the paper work, FSSAI regulatory compliance for the product, liaising with financial consultants, and developing an efficient marketing team, Mahendra bhaiya took the onus of setting up the mill, arranging manpower, procuring raw materials, and producing the end product.

We coined the name Purattva (pure tattva) for our venture to depict our mission as a service not only to one’s body but also to the spirit within him/her by offering products to eat and serve in their purest form. With a corporate office at Ghaziabad and a manufacturing unit at Bakrour, we started production and sale of Sattu packets, primarily in Delhi/NCR and then in some regions of Bihar. As we were not that knowledgeable in doing an interstate business, we faced several obstacles in the beginning. Transportation was the biggest challenge. However, we diligently researched on the available resources and found one good and reliable transport company to transfer the consignments from Bakrour to Ghaziabad. This definitely was a comparatively costly concern and impacting the cost of the product, but we went for it as we did not want to compromise with the safe and timely delivery of our consignment.

While Mahendra bhaiya was not new to production industry and could smoothly execute his responsibilities, I being a novice in sales and marketing faced a bit hard time to sell the product at the stores in the beginning. Convincing store owners and dealers was not that easy, but, I could do so because I myself was convinced about the product. I knew that Delhi/NCR had a great potential customer base for our product as it was flooded with natives from Bihar and UP – north Indian families consume Sattu the most in the country. And over the years, this economical and healthy food item has definitely created a niche on the palates of people from other regions too. Thanks to its high nutritional values and it being an excellent source of protein. I studied and gathered significant information and used them in my conversation with store owners who were first reluctant to sell our product but later agreed to have it on display. I am enthralled to share that the customers have placed repeat orders with stores for Puratva sattu and demand is increasing rapidly. The entire team of Puratva is delighted, excited as well as relieved on this success. We are now approaching dealers, distributors and CF agents across the country to expand and reach our end customers. Puratva products are going to have their online presence sooner than you are expecting.

Currently with two versions of sattu packets (normal sattu and jeera mix sattu), we have got an inspiring customers base including some esteemed restaurants in Delhi/NCR. It feels fabulous to have done something to satiate the taste buds of natives living far away from the place of origin of Sattu.

Puratva aims to produce items of daily needs and consumption. Starting with staples and specially with assorted flours, such as sattu (Roasted Gram Flour), besan, wheat flour, and so on, Puratva, as it grows, shall gradually start edible oils production too.

It hardly needs any mention that production of such common items has been afflicted the most by adulteration. That’s exactly what Puratva wants to fight against. And the only way to fight against adulteration is to produce unadulterated, pure products. We’re committed to offer our customers the purest to eat and serve.

Considering Puratva a revolutionary endeavor, we have tagged it as “Shuddh Kranti”. With its advent, Puratva, a small but significant enterprise, has created plenty of job opportunities at both Barour and Delhi/NCR. At the production unit alone, eight to ten people are employed and earning their livelihood. The corporate office has a bunch of sales and marketing executives and team members across the horizontals of finance, human resource, and administration. Our enterprise has also given job opportunities for several rural women who assist us in several processes carried out in course of manufacturing the product.