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What is the voice of your brand, that people listen to when they first come in touch? Who picks the call or responds to an email enquiry or guides the user to the relevant next step? Off-late, there has been a rise in “chatbots”, that create live chat experiences for users visiting your website or app, creating opportunities for quick help and then connecting them to a human, at a point when a human intervention is really required. This can save a lot of costs around, early prospecting, lead qualification and even lead nurturing to an extent.

Realtime Chat & Chatbot development for travel, insurance, healthcare industries

In short, with a chatbot you could give your brand a voice (irrespective of the industry you are operating in) and start building meaningful relationships, by creating human – like conversations over a live chat. By using proactive chat to automatically reach out to your potential customers, you could increase the chances of high value engagement and subsequently higher conversions.

Did you know?

 If your brand presence and engagement is high on Facebook, we could build a ‘Facebook Chatbot’ to start conversations with people who are messaging your company on Facebook

 We could build a customized chatbot for your web app or mobile app, or quickly integrate with 3rd party live-chat services / bots like driftbot

 With “Chatbots” enabling conversational UI, you could create engaging human-like conversations with people coming in-touch with your site or app.

 A single bot can interact with your users coming from Android, iOS and Web platforms. You don’t need to spend on building apps for three different platforms.

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