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Looking to build your product and wondering if outsourcing app development would be the right way to go? Need help with productizing your idea, with a focus on simplicity, relevance, usability and aesthetics? We could help.

Often founders / product owners approach us with an idea, at a concept stage and seek help in jointly elaborating it to give it the body, mind and soul. Our engagement starts with understanding the why, aligning with clients’ vision and empathizing with the problems they are looking to solve.

Beginning from there, we orchestrate a series of product elaboration activities to help the entire team, clearly visualize the product positioning, define users, user roles and user profiles, identify what aspects of the product can be experienced online and what can be experienced offline, define minimal features required to go to market (MVP), benchmark with other businesses in the industry and create a roadmap for designing the product. This engagement often requires our team to closely work with client’s product / business team, potential beta users and perform user interviews, the outputs of which could inform and influence the design.

How we bring product influence?

 We start with why, work with you to understand:

  • What is your target market?
  • How your users look like, what their typical day looks like?
  • What is the state of mind of the user – when they come in touch with your product and what will fulfill their need in the simplest way?
  • How your product empathizes with the users and brings impact to their lives?
  • How many times they’re expected to come in touch with your business over a period of time?

 We draw out the pen profiles of your users, list down the key scenarios (use-cases) that bring together the business intent and the user’s need, noting how technology can enable this unification in the simplest way possible

 We pick and choose the right technologies for your product, so the solution that we build is:

  • Scalable to a large number of users, with less time and cost
  • Reliable and secure enough to not yield to new internet vulnerabilities
  • Beautiful to create immersive user experiences on all smart devices with micro interactions
  • Trending enough and used by a large community of developers globally

We start with why and everything we do is led by purpose and impact. Our mission is to solve business problems with technology, empowering businesses of all sizes to benefit from the power of digital, mobile, social and AI.

At Codewave, we start with why, align with your product vision and elaborate it just the way product managers and business owners at your end would do. We have product thinktanks inhouse, who establish peer comfort with your product and business teams, speak the same language, understand your launch anxieties and offer long term product development engagements, so you could focus on the other aspects of your business.

We bring expertise in product thinking, business analysis, human – computer interactions, app interfaces for a variety of smart devices web & mobile, user experience design and overall solution architecture, that leads to jointly building your product offering holistically.

How do we manage projects and deliver?

Click to learn more about our “agile mindset” and how we’ve made Agile our own, with a focus on progress than burnout.


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