Photography in a digital age

Living in a digital first age, where weddings are being shot by drones, live photos and animated gifs are shared more often than hard bound photo albums – what’s going to be the future of photography and traditional photo studio businesses? We were keen to know how photographers look at this changing trend.

Arvind Mohan

Software engineer, an avid traveler and a freelancing photographer.

Arvind answers few questions, sharing his views on the future of photography, in a technology first world.

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1) Do you think machines can be programmed to shoot weddings, capturing emotions, expressions like how humans do?

Yes, I think it can be done partially. Machines can be programmed to shoot simple and monotonous tasks whereas capturing the emotions and expressions are done best by the photographers. Only humans can connect, understand and capture the emotions thereby giving life to the photograph.

2) In a world where digital photos are shared more virally, is there a future for hard bound photo albums?

I think there is still a future for photo albums though we are living in a digital age where thousands of photos are clicked everyday and shared/stored via Facebook, Instagram, Cloud and so on. There is always a sense of insecurity since those photos might be lost forever because of hackers or other such issues. Also, all photos cannot be uploaded on social media or Cloud due to privacy preferences. Now, people have slowly started preferring to get their photos printed and I hope that this trend would rather grow in near future.

3) What kind of technology you think can make a moment come alive more intensely?

Yes, technology plays an important role in capturing the perfect shot. Technologies like tethered photography, drone/VR photography, robotic automation, artificial intelligence/deep learning may make the life of the photographer much easier. Personally, I believe that the incredible imagination of the photographer combined with computers/robots, which are great in doing simple/complex tasks accurately, would make the results magical and make the moments come alive.

– Arvind Mohan

Video shot by a Drone

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