Sawan speaks on music bands thriving in a digital age

Living in a digital first age, where sounds are streamed as digital bits of information and performing live reaches more people in the world than an auditorium can hold, we’re thrilled how music bands connect and reach people beyond boundaries & barriers, with the help of internet and technology. We were keen to know how the band culture has changed from centuries ago, where people traveled, connected & performed in person.
Harshith and his band answer a few questions, sharing their views on expressing themselves through music, in a technology first world.

How was your band born and what inspired you?

Sawan was born in 2013, when 5 friends Raghu (Lead Guitars/Vox),Harshith (Drums) ,Pramod (Bass),Sandesh (Rhythm Guitar) ,Nitish (Keys/Synth) in Mysore came together to create experimental fusion music. Just like how Sawan, the word stands for a season of monsoon or rain, we chose the name Sawan to stand for a season of music.
We’re inspired by legendary bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Bring Me The Horizon, Megadeth and others.

What has been your most challenging experience on stage till date?

Most challenging experience on any stage for any artist got to be interacting with the crowd and getting them on your side. It doesn’t matter how good you sound or how well you’ve prepared, if the audience doesn’t listen to you.

How has the band culture changed from centuries back to a digital age now?

It has changed drastically and it has affected all musicians of all genres in a positive and negative way. The positive being that it has become easier to create, distribute, promote and advertise your music through online platforms and social media. There have been so many advancements in technology that you can spend just a little money to produce and broadcast music from your own room. The negative point is that, people are using digital technologies in such a way that even non-musicians are able to make music. Anybody is able to sing in the studio through the help of autotune in the studio.

How would you use technology to connect with people and express yourself through music?

As digital technologies are easily available and have become so advanced, it has become easier to reach out to people irrespective of where they are in the world through online social media, specifically this works for a certain set of audience that is using smart devices to be connected most of the time. Also music is in our fingertips, as we can now compose on our laptops spending $0.

Do you think a song from a live performance, when streamed in a digital format can have the same impact with the audience?

No, a song streamed live will definitely not have the same effect as a live performance. Most of the time what people hear, sounds from digital formats of a live performance, the music sounds very “compressed” and sometimes bad, even though the artists are sounding good, due to the lack of noise reduction and mixing abilities by the sound engineer. This makes people who have no knowledge of music, misunderstand an artist’s performance as poor and less engaging. Experiencing a live performance once, by a very amazing artist can make someone even change their mind. The energy, the vibes you get in a live performance is something very different than a digitally streamed performance.

What smart technologies do you use to promote & distribute your music?

Currently we are doing active digital marketing to promote our music world wide. These days we have technology platforms like OK LISTEN, BANDCAMP, SOUNDCLOUD, ITUNES & many more to sell digital copies of our music, which are really reliable and safe for artists like us.

Through what devices you think people today are most likely to listen to your music?

Old school days, the scene was different. Everybody used to listen to music from cassettes, walkman, cd’s, gramophone etc. Today, with internet and an explosion of devices, mediums and accessories there’re drastic changes in how we listen to recorded music. Nowadays, cellphones are the number one priority for everyone and 95% of the people prefer cellphones for music, as everyone doesn’t have access to a desktop or a laptop.

What’s the tagline of your band, that describes why you exist?


What would you tell the world, in one line?

“If there was no OXYGEN we would still live because we breathe MUSIC.”

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