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Looking to take a slice of your business to mobile (or) embrace mobility fundamentally transforming the way your business runs? We could help. At Codewave, we build beautiful, robust mobile apps (for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets and Phablets) that could drive deeper engagement with your customers with relevant product features offered in a mobile friendly way, with immersive experiences created for your target audience, thereby enhancing people’s engagement with your brand and increasing revenue opportunities.

Did you know?

 With “React Native” apps you could build a mobile app once for one platform (eg: Android) and port it easily to other platforms (eg: iOS) with 80% reuse of code.

 With “Infrared” enabled smartphones, you could control appliances like the AC, TV or Home theatre systems without a remote control.

 With “Chatbots” enabling conversational UI, you could create engaging human-like conversations with people coming in-touch with your app.

Businesses running on the mobile, need simple, intuitive applications that respond to the user fast, with relevant information and immediate actions. The chances of your users being highly engaged on the mobile app, is directly proportional to how fast and how relevantly the app responds. We have a combination of expert product thinkers, to shape the overall user experience design and a strong, nimble technology team to build it with the latest open-source technologies. Our mobile UI/UX experts benchmark the latest development trends and recommend fresh approaches and techniques, relevant for the project.

Typically what kind of mobile apps we build?

  • Online Marketplaces, connecting consumers, suppliers and the platform
  • Peer to peer service platforms, with mobile transactions enabled with Wallet / UPI / Payment Gateways
  • AI driven apps, recognizing voice, turning voice to text, text to intent and recommending relevant services online
  • Bluetooth and Mesh network (NFC) based solutions, to solve business problems in areas where internet is unavailable
  • Music, entertainment and social apps enabling people to connect based on interests

We also do app revamp & upgrades, hybrid to native migrations, ongoing app maintenance, crash monitoring and fixing, compatibility for new devices and operating system versions, payment gateway / Wallet / UPI integrations.

How do we manage projects and deliver?

Click to learn more about our “agile mindset” and how we’ve made Agile our own, with a focus on progress than burnout.


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