Wireless Mesh Network based apps

Turn your smart device into a local wifi hub, to collaborate with nearby smart devices to do specific tasks without internet.

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Looking to explore smart device to smart device communication without the internet? Mesh network is something you need to know. If your business runs on the internet and the users interacting on your app, happen to be in close proximity, you could do away with the dependency on internet and exploit the opportunities mesh network provides. Specially in places where internet speed is not certain and is subject to fluctuations, you could turn your smartphone to generate a local wifi network, make it connect and interact with devices nearby. Eg: At a billing counter, you could use your phone to create a mesh, with another phone at the counter to send payment or share files.

With the power of mesh network, you could create an app that enables a restaurant to push relevant notifications to consumers who are nearing their store or walking inside it. For iPhone users, we could detect users nearby and share data using Airdrop. This requires the phones to have Bluetooth turned on (from the Bluetooth settings) and doesn’t require internet.

Where else can we implement Mesh Network?

 In hospitals where internet connectivity is poor and doctors spend time in wards, we could place a tablet app, which can automatically detect and connect with the doctor’s phone and push realtime patient data.

 At billing counters, where users generally swipe cards, users can directly pair with a phone at the counter and push Wallet debit instructions, which could remit the payment to the other party’s account (we could also send user’s fingerprint scan input, so the transaction is authorized).

 Flights where passengers phones are switched to ”Flight mode”, people can still share contacts, photos and videos using mesh network based apps that are not dependent on the internet connection or the telecom provider.

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