Technology enables the content creation and distribution process as well as shaping the future implications of digital media for society.


Media Industry has been largely driven by increasing digitisation and higher internet usage over the last decade. Users are moving from desktop towards mobile. The digital market is adopting AI and machine learning to provide digital service. Messaging apps are threatening emails; smart device are connecting everything around us. Virtual content marketing is revolutionizing the market industry

89% of the top news site get more traffic from mobile device than from desktops.

90% of advertisement use visual post for marketing.

80 % of the Facebook’s $5.6 billion in advertising revenue came from mobile.

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Having a live support executive to answer the online customers query is a thing of past now. Chat-boats have changed the game since it allows real-time response to customer’s queries. The ability to answer queries of customers 24*7 helps boost the business exponentially.

Example:Facebook recently opened their Messenger bot platform. TechCrunch has innovated the news bot space. These news agency bots have found new ways to automatically push the latest headlines to users based on their interests and search history.

Wearable journalism
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Wearable technology is changing the way consumers access news. This short news is ideal for quick updates until viewers have time to read full story. Big data analytics helps wearable device to predict the future depending on user behaviour.

Example:Apple watches makes getting the news as easy as telling the time. Apple Watch shows huge potential to present news in a quick and short way.

24/7 Webcasting channels
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Through webcasting, brands will use technology to showcase and promote their products/services and announce their product launches. This will help to build in awareness. Also, they will be able to reach and contact any user remotely, provided the user has access to the Internet. The user also will be able to interact with the organisers and presenters who are conducting the live-streams.

Example:YouTube Live that provide statistics to track user participation and performance.


Energy Intelligence Apps

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IoT to save electricity

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