Technology to transform the work cycle of the legal industry.


The legal industry is rapidly changing with cloud based technology to provide legal services. This has helped for just in-time solution for legal services and legal providers.This has decreased the dependence on lawyers .Consumers have lots of technology that can be used instead of paying the lawyers. Codewave has developed which provides incredible solutions for listing lawyer’s , job forums and virtual office for the lawyers and legal service seekers.

However surveys on legal industry reveal that,

90% of lawyers according to American bar association use mobile devices for video conferencing with clients , emails , trail preparations .

34% , According to research by Frost and Sullivan use of smartphone in legal industries has experienced 34% increase in speed , flexible working and overall efficiency .

80% , Of the legal professionals are dependent on the social networking for the legal task.

Electronically Stored information(ESI)
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The old style of book-keeping information in papers has been replaced with electronically stored data storage and communications . The challenges here is for data recovery and big data analysis to efficiently find the stored data. These gives rise to new opportunities to educate professionals to access and use electronically saved data.

Example:Emails , voicemails , instant messaging and data on smart devices are used for litigations by legal service providers.

Social Networking
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Looking for starting a career in law ? Checkout the various opportunities in legal industries on social media . Social media tools is used by legal professional to accomplish variety of legal task and career objectives.

Example:Social media tools such as Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn and Youtube is changing the way legal professional recruit , locate and find the witness. They also assist in marketing helping lawyers and legal professional reach the broader audience community for branding and advertising.

Cloud based Technology for virtual law Firms
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Cloud storage services assist legal professionals to work remotely from home or virtual law office. This helps in flexible work hours and work life balance.The challenges here are to keep the data secure over the cloud from hackers.

Example:Powerful tablets and mobile devices , secure web based technology and software as services allows legal professionals to work from anywhere having set up virtual offices .


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