Here are some of the questions our prospects and customers ask us frequently to better understand how we can help. Hope this answers some of the questions you may have. We keep regularly updating this section, so you could know the questions we hear from the market and our most recent answers.

Q. Can you show us some of your responsive design websites you have built?
Some of our work already live:

Some of our work in progress:

You can check out more websites and apps at: www.codewave.in

Q. Can you show us the apps you have developed? Can we put it on our phones?

You can check more apps at: www.codewave.in

Q. Among your apps which ones are native? Which ones are html5?

Most of the market requirements we’ve been seeing so far, were for native apps. You would see more of native apps on our portfolio than hybrid. One of the hybrid apps we are working on is for Project Lighten Up, we have built their web app, now we are porting it to Phonegap.

We have developed html5 based web apps like below:

Q. If html5, what is the tech stack? What are the Mobile Backend tech in use?

Mostly it is – html5, css3, jquery, javascript. We prefer using frameworks like bootstrap, html5 boilerplate & foundation. For the backend – restful APIs (with frameworks like frapi, silex, yii etc), predominantly built on PHP. We’ve also worked on ruby on rails, angular, node (with MEAN Stack) and on the database front – both SQL (MYSQL) & NoSQL (like mongo)

Q. Can you please share us the profiles of people who will come on-board?

This would depend on the project you will be assigning to Codewave and the nature of work involved (eg: android or iOS design, native or hybrid development, web or mobile or responsive web). Once we have the SOW we could assign suitable team members. You can view our team at: https://codewave.in/our-team

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