Digital Strategy & Consulting

Identifying opportunities with ‘digital’, for your business

Transformation with tech | Business Analysis | Product thinking | Industry benchmarking

At Codewave, we intend to enable businesses with relevant information and advice, to identify new opportunities with ‘digital’ and study other progressive businesses in their industry.

Our initial conversations with businesses look like these:

1 Aligning with your brand’s vision and understanding your business’s foundational values and intentions

2 Reviewing the risks & opportunities your business brings, what’s the new potential with technology, that’s lying ahead

3 Objectively assessing your direct competitors, industry leaders and benchmarking their offerings

4 Evaluating digital maturity and readiness, planning gradual digital transformation for your business

5 Coming up with a roadmap for digitizing your business, developing solutions, that is aligned with your business goals.

If you’re a startup looking for to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or an SME looking to digitize a slice of your business or a corporation looking for Enterprise mobility, we work with you to align with your vision, understand your challenges, define the problem statement and come up with a solution that is empowered by technology.

Typically what kind of consulting services we offer?

 Review of the current business model, technology infrastructure, digital maturity and a prescription of top digital transformations we could initiate for impact

 Review of current systems and applications that run your business, assessment of performance, security, usability and a prescription of top enhancements we could implement for improved benefits

 Review of your business operating offline, understanding what percent of your business can be taken online, what percent could be taken to mobile and prescribing a roadmap for app development

We start with why and everything we do is led by purpose and impact. Our mission is to solve business problems with technology, empowering businesses of all sizes to benefit from the power of digital, mobile, social and AI.

How do we manage projects and deliver?

Click to learn more about our “agile mindset” and how we’ve made Agile our own, with a focus on progress than burnout.

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