Designing project journeys for impact.

The journey is as important as the destination.

Here’s what your interactions with our team could look like. ⟶

Designing project journeys for impact.

The journey is as important as the destination.

Here’s what your interactions with our team could look like. ⟶

01.Starting with why.

Design thinkers

Our designers, strive to gather information to empathize with your business, customers, employees - to be able to imagine possible solutions at the intersection of what the world needs that your business can give. Our "design thinking practice" guides us to interview subjects to effectively understand their everyday behaviors, by studying their environmental stimuli, their thoughts-feelings-actions & gaps between them.

Through role-plays, we try to impersonate the subject’s character with an objective to maximize usability, minimize cognitive load & barriers to take action, thereby minimizing defects in the design.

  • - User Interviews (qualitative)
  • - User Research (quantitative)
  • - Personas & Empathy
  • - User Journey Mapping
  • - User Goals & Interactions
  • - Business Goals Mapping
  • - Information Architecture
  • - Wireframe & Interactive prototype
  • - Visual & Multi-sensorial design
  • - Feedback & iteration

02.Visualize the what.


Our technologists, strive to stay on top of emerging trends & latest thinking - affecting economies, industries, governments and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. Technologists at Codewave, are the ones who are able to see a solution (often ahead of others) as you explain your business to them.

Sometimes the solution could be a simple mathematical expression - a formula that precisely explains play of variables and possible outcomes. They’re scientific about the solution and seek engineering brilliance, to create necessary building blocks & pieces needed to bring the solution to life, while staying true to the formula.

Design thinking - UI/UX - Moderninization - Cloud — Edge

03.Sketch the how.


Our engineers, strive to develop modern cloud/edge solutions in a highly agile environment, working in close feedback loops with customers. Test driven development to minimize software defects is their primary goal, with an obsession for software engineering best practices, including CI/CD (Continuous integration and Continuous delivery) practices and tech hygiene.

Our engineers love building systems, applications and products that are usable, scalable, secure and fast - in new, modern ways that allow your business maximum flexibility to change.
  • - Cloud/Edge Architecture
  • - Serverless Programming
  • - Micro-services Architecture (FaaS)
  • - Database Design and tuning
  • - Agile software development
  • - Continuous Integration (CI)
  • - Continous Delivery (CD)

04.Review, Retrospect & learn.

Business folks.

Our business team, is always in a state of flux - observing, responding, influencing, learning and focused on creating highly valuable journeys with customers. Business folks at Codewave, are vigilant about what’s new in our everyday interactions with people, opportunities to respond to and journeys to course correct.

Agility (ability to rewire the brain to adapt to new situations & respond to unknowns) is their highest aspiration. They play multiple roles - sometimes as vision articulators, as proposal writers, as solution explainers or as project delivery coordinators.

What excites us is openness, opportunity & human transformation.

We believe every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen.

Let’s connect.

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