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InsightsSuccess is one of the leading business magazines in India focused on publishing enterprise insights. The magazine provides business and technological updates currently trending, advancing the business world. They also feature new age entrepreneurs, their startup journeys and continuously identify fast growing companies.

In September 2017, InsightsSuccess decided to feature ten most innovative mobile app solutions providers in India, mobile apps being one of the hottest topics today. As per InsightsSuccess, “Mobile App solutions providers dive deep into the client’s business requirement to build custom application and solutions. Mobile App solution providers have developed standalone applications and interface which can interact with truly complex infrastructure. The innovative solutions provide full stack development from mobile to web on the front end, middleware platform development, back-end server development, internal and third party integration, maintenance and support of client application providing complete end-end solutions.”

It’s an era of disruptive mobile technology, where mobile devices beyond serving as a communication instrument, have evolved to serve as a multi-functional device. Everything on the web is boiling down to the mobile with user controlling applications, sites and databases, from the convenience of their phones. In this regard, InsightsSuccess features “The 10 innovative mobile app solution providers”, where they have celebrated some of the noticeable organizations, who have accomplished great milestones by providing holistic mobile app solutions and are well equipped for advancing businesses in various industries running on tech.

Codewave is honored to be recognized and featured as one of the top 10 companies. InsightsSuccess states, “Codewave, an app development service company offering holistic solutions to business problems, from concept to execution – keeping in mind simplicity, mobility and aesthetics, at the best possible cost”.

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We just launched a landing page for, to help them with online conversions on their paid SEM campaign (search engine marketing campaign) and saw a storming increase in conversions from 0.5% to 23% with our new design, starting the first day of the campaign.

Here is how the page looked before and after.

design that just works

“Initially, I had apprehensions about Codewave’s working & approach towards Landing Page Design for Adword’s campaigning. But after I saw instant improvements in Lead’s conversions I was proven wrong. First Time I felt happy to be proven wrong!” – Nilesh, Founder,

We’re extremely glad that our effort and attention to detail paid off, resulting in more business for, with the entire project delivered in less than a week.

We also gave a simple CMS (content management system) to the person at Rocket running the ad campaign, so he could easily change the headline and other content on the page to match the ad line, to ensure high relevance for the user seeing the ad, clicking on it and subsequently landing on the page.

Considering every click to the page came at a huge cost (specially for hot keywords related to stock market trading), we were extra careful with the visuals, navigation, actions and page speed that contributed to overall user experience on the page.

Here is the live link to the page featured on Google Ads.