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Our friends from Cafe’ Myodo dropped by to say hello and shared some donut love! We’re launching their official website next week, we wish the Myodo team a great journey ahead.

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Couple of days ago, on mobile Google search we saw a new tag, attached to the search results worded “mobile-friendly” for websites that can be conveniently viewed and used on the mobile device. Websites that are not mobile friendly did not have this tag and sometimes even showed up above the ones that had (of-course protecting the relevance of the result), yet this certainly is a strong push for businesses to be mobile ready.

Great step to simplify the search experience for people, finding answers and taking actions on small, mobile screens. Big push to businesses to be mobile ready!

mobile friendly badge by google

Is your website “mobile-ready”? You can check it right now.
1) Click this link:
2) Enter your website address
3) Click on “CHECK”

Also, get a free report on your website and learn what’s going wrong!

Codewave’s website nominated for CSS REEL awards

Who gets to be a CSS REEL Nominee? Websites that demonstrate high levels of creativity, originality and overall design competence are nominated by CSS REEL. We’re thrilled to share that our very own company website is nominated by CSS REEL for the best website awards.

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Everything needs a makeover! From old to new. From outdated to in-fashion. From primitive to state-of-the-art. Here is a story of one of our greatest website makeovers!

Very recently, a friend at an auto-component manufacturing company in Bangalore approached us, shared that he was flying soon to Germany for an international conference where he needed to present his company to a large global audience and needed a total remake of his company website. Basically, complete website “refashioning”, sprucing it up with contemporary design and powerful brand messaging. In about 2 and a half days.

We took a quick look at his website and knew exactly what we needed to do next.

Here’s how the website looked before and after the makeover.


The result is a presentation to remember, powerful brand recall and a happy brand evangelist. We are doing more such website makeovers, helping brands communicate and connect with people better and doing stuff you’d love to point out on your business card.