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There are some things, we’d choose to do “now” rather than waiting for a more opportune moment. The Pain app we built recently for a german client is one such thing.

Medical App for Patients

Designed for patients experiencing sudden pain to be able to trigger an alert with a touch, the app not only makes it extremely simple for patients to seek immediate help, it also tracks pain occurrences, informs the patient’s health reports, helps doctors study pain-patterns quickly, and provide more accurate treatment.

Backend of Pain app

Phenomenal in idea, powerful in use.

What about privacy? Well, all patient data is completely encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard. To top that, access to data is restricted using a tiny Yubikey.

Yet another milestone in massively transforming healthcare experiences, across the world.

Solving pain-points, literally.. the app is extremely relevant and valuable to patients and doctors, across the globe. We’re absolutely thrilled to build products like these and wish we could take it to benefit as many people as possible.