Business Challenge

The founding team of,approached Codewave for building an online marketplace (web and android apps) for financial advisors, enabling consumers to make an informed decision while choosing financial products for investing their money and advisors who would be assisting them manage investments. The platform also intended to enable advisors to be more organized while offering services to customers. Codewave had worked with Testimoney team for Lawmatters (a similar marketplace portal for lawyers) and both our teams were familiar with each other before Testimoney came in.

Testimoney needed extensive features for consumers, advisors and organizations – free users and paid users. For consumers, the platform offers search, need analysis, appointment scheduler, portfolio manager and digilocker (digilocker to safely store valuable documents, similar to what Government of India offers). For advisors, the platform offers comprehensive advisor profile, lead management, virtual collaboration, calendar appointments, realtime feedback, consumer analytics and more. Testimoney was expected to be a 5-6 month project, and needed a chunk features (similar to what we did for Lawmatters).


Codewave designed and developed Testimoney’s web and android apps with extensive set of features for consumers, advisors and organizations. We also integrated Testimoney with Perfios, to create an integrated money management experience for users within Testimoney. The project took about 6 – 8 months, with continuos enhancements. This is one of our most elaborate projects till date, in terms of the numbers of features and magnitude of effort. The project required careful development and integration with multiple modules and external APIs developed by a team of 6 developers, both web and mobile.

Testimoney apps are now ready to market, the client team has started on boarding organizations to be a part of the platform. What’s key to faster adoption is the listing of financial advisors, which is starting to kick in gradually. Apps like Testimoney, Lawmatters built by Codewave are ones which businesses run on and will require ongoing development and maintenance efforts to sustain, in the face of change.

Product Lifecycle

  •   Market ready app launched in 8 months
  •   Organizations on-boarded in Bangalore, gradually improving listing
  •    Testimoney was architected and built for scale, ready for high traffic

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