Microsoft Imagine Cup – Tournament app

Business Challenge

Microsoft runs a global tournament every year for students across the globe to code and present innovative solutions and ideas. They approached Enquero, who approached Codewave to build a real time responsive web app for the tournament with live updates of winners from various rounds in the competition. This project was to be done with very high level of robustness and accuracy since it was a realtime app, giving real time updates for participants, judges, winners and guests (on-lookers) with live winner leaderboard updates, enabling judges to score the teams as they perform and enabling teams use to vote for wildcard entrants as the rounds progress. The app would be functional only during two days of the tournament, was expected to be simple and user friendly. Microsoft also needed the app to assist the admins of the tournament to assign judges and view the scorecards given by them. Overall the client needed a reliable app which can ease the life of users during the tournament with great precision.


Codewave designed and developed a responsive web application for the tournament – enabling participants, judges, admin and onlookers – to easily perform actions like scoring, voting and watching updates online. The design thought process started with a “role play”, with team members enacting roles as a judge, as a participant and as an event co-ordinator. From the role play, sequence of activities, user interactions and flows were drawn and the same were converted into black and white wireframes, for Microsoft to review and give a go ahead. Once the wireframes were approved, the design team further elaborated the screens with visuals, colors and aesthetics.

Codewave delivered pixel perfect designs for the app, in about 3 weeks from start. Our developers began architecting the app – the database, backend and various layers involved in the application (frontend & APIs) while the design was in progress. Our attention to detail to user interactions and user experience in each module, helped us design and deliver an app that was simple, relevant and highly engaging. With our expertise in Angular 4 & NodeJS, screens like the leaderboard were made to instantly reflect changing data without the need for page refresh. The client had preferred to use MYSQL database. We deployed the app on a cloud based server – Microsoft Azure. We used Push notifications to enhance the usability through micro-interactions. There was extensive performance monitoring and testing done.

The entire app was designed and developed in a duration of 8 weeks. It was not simple to test this app, as it required a holistic simulation of the finale event at our office in Bangalore, 2 weeks before the event – with various team members enacting different roles to test the functionality of the app.

The best part about the entire engagement on this project was that there was no need for a Project Manager, to manage the execution and delivery of the project. The team members – designers, developers and testers took ownership of the app, in it’s entirety and consistently made progress until the end. Here’s what the team had to say when we interviewed them on the secret behind this phenomenal success in executing a project of this nature, remotely collaborating with a team in a different country, without the need for a project manager.

Customer Testimonial
vroom founder and CEO - AVR Venkatesa

“When we first engaged codewave to be our development partner for Chennai’s first two wheeler ride sharing app, we did so because of the enthusiasm of their team and some of the previous projects they had done for other customers. The highlights of our engagement with codewave can be summarised as follows:

  1. Ability to take on new problems and find creative solutions
  2. Teamwork — The Codewave team worked closely with our team to get things done.
  3. Management involvement — Abhijith was always available in team meetings and calls to guide the development effort”

AVR Venkatesa – Founder & CEO, Vroom

App screenshots (Riders)

App screenshots (Customers)

Product Lifecycle

  •   Market ready app launched in 5 months
  •   Gained media coverage, in The Hindu & local magazines on the novelty of the idea & market readiness in a short time
  •    Drivers on-boarded in Chennai providing rides from day 1 of launch
  •   Vroom was architected and built to scale easily for multiple locations and be ready for high traffic

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