Business Challenge

Intrakraft approached codewave for a B2B online platform solution to digitize the business that enables both retailers and brand to connect, interact and transact.The vision was to improvise the ease of usability between brand and retailers in capturing , interpreting and making decisions about the data like retailers to discover newly launched styles,brands to uphold styles and products to capitalize the attention of the premium retailers and to have hassle free transaction to avoid mismatch with payments,delivering of products as well as counting of products. Intrakraft would need to have transform the trade agreement process from pen and paper to digi signed between both the parties.Another challenge was to have a secure and transparent transactions involving flow of money , goods and information between all the parties. But in the initial phase codewave to support upfront payment options that can happen through Escrow account.


Codewave designed and developed Intrakraft responsive web app in 3.5 weeks to fulfil their needs.We did multiple visit to the different brands and retailers shop to understand their business problem and how technology can enable their business and pain points that most retailers are facing today. We helped creating videos that make an impact on the video driven web and branding of the website as well as we designed beautiful brand logo for the Intrakraft. The client was from a non technical background so we recommended different technology that will help to boost their business. We recommended Angularjs for the frontend,Laravel for backend.Web Service ,Multiple Amazon EC2(virtual computing environment) that enable customer to use web service interference to launch instances running nginx with Elastic load balancing configured for high availability and vertical scaling of application.We also used Push notification service to intimate retailers about any updates even when they are ideal on the mobile devices. Another challenge was about the bookkeeping of the documents and images uploaded by the users on website. Keeping these files on the server would restrict us from having the application horizontally scalable .To overcome this problem we recommended Amazon simple storage service which is secure , durable and highly scalable and accessing this information through AWS cloudfront. To make the web app and data secure we use SSL for communication between any two modules in the application. This would avoid man in the middle attacks.AES algorithm was used to encrypt the confidential data in the database.

Customer Testimonial
vroom founder and CEO - AVR Venkatesa

“When we first engaged codewave to be our development partner for Chennai’s first two wheeler ride sharing app, we did so because of the enthusiasm of their team and some of the previous projects they had done for other customers. The highlights of our engagement with codewave can be summarised as follows:

  1. Ability to take on new problems and find creative solutions
  2. Teamwork — The Codewave team worked closely with our team to get things done.
  3. Management involvement — Abhijith was always available in team meetings and calls to guide the development effort”

AVR Venkatesa – Founder & CEO, Vroom

App screenshots (Riders)

App screenshots (Customers)

Product Lifecycle

  •   Market ready app launched in 5 months
  •   Gained media coverage, in The Hindu & local magazines on the novelty of the idea & market readiness in a short time
  •    Drivers on-boarded in Chennai providing rides from day 1 of launch
  •   Vroom was architected and built to scale easily for multiple locations and be ready for high traffic

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