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Business Challenge was running ongoing SEM campaigns for generating leads online; but saw poor results with their existing web page design. Their page saw a meager 0.5% conversion, one in every two hundred visitors signed up for their service and each visit came at a high cost for hot keywords like “trading tips”, “share market tips” etc.

They approached Codewave for having their SEM page redesigned, reconstructed from scratch to improve conversions.


Codewave was assigned the task of holistically reconstructing and redesigning Rocket’s SEM page for improved conversions; we started with the analysis of the current page; what did not work and what was needed to make it work.

  • Relevance for the user landing on the page
  • Value proposition clearly spelt out
  • Convenience to take the required action
  • Elimination of other navigations & clicks
  • Speed for fast loading of the page

The project was executed in 1 weeks.

  •   Increased conversions from 0.5% to 23% starting the first day of the campaign
  •    Faster page load, improved visuals
  •    Improved user experience and brand connect established on the page
  •   Improved brand recall while telephonic follow ups and subsequent conversions

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