Business Challenge is catering to Indian consumers’ demand for painting their homes or offices, by receiving online enquiries, sharing instant quotations, sending verified painters along with procured material for the job and ensuring the job is completed with efficiency. The online platform currently generates assured jobs for about 800 painters, for over 25 days a month. approached Codewave for smartly automating their services delivery process, starting from their sales operations, to services delivery, optimizing key internal processes for higher efficiency.

A holistic suite of apps, working in harmony was required to be designed and engineered to automate their business, making Aapkapainter run on a reliable, scalable technology platform 24/7. Running the business on tech, also was intended to enable Aapkapainter respond nimbly to emerging new market needs.

The pain-point started from Aapkapainter sales representatives going to customer’s homes, taking measurements on paper and sending a quotation to the customer after 1-2 days of taking measurements. One of the objectives of digitizing this process with a suite of smartphone apps were to enable delivering 3x more quotations, sending quotes instantly after taking measurements, in front of the customer. Once the leads were converted, painters were expected to be assigned through a CRM tool who would be equipped with a ‘painter app’ to report progress from the site.

Simplicity, multi-language support and ease of use were key for Aapkapainter team where painters needed an easy way to communicate how much work has been completed, update the work on completion and move on to take more jobs with minimizing the number of clicks.


Codewave designed and developed an end to end solution to meet the digitization need above with a suite of apps for the sales representatives, painters and the Aapkapainter CRM team working in synchronization, with twice the efficiency, creating an integrated experience for their customers, staff, vendors, painters and partners for their operations. The solution led to tangible business results immediately impacting the overall efficiency and lead conversions.

What we did

  • B2C Web Interface for consumers to track their jobs
  • B2B Mobile app for sales reps to check-in & send quote
  • B2B Mobile app for painters to check-in & update progress
  • Admin CRM Web app for admin team to convert leads

On what technology we built

We built the above suite of apps on a technology platform that’s scalable and reliable 24/7. The apps were built on MEAN Stack (using Angular for the frontend), Node JS for backend with MongoDB. Multiple Amazon EC2 instances running nginx with Elastic load balancing configured for high availability and vertical scaling of application. For Push notifications (web) we recommended One Signal (Used by companies like Uber).

Customer testimonial

“We have worked with Codewave and must say they bring in-depth technology and product thinking to table. Project manager assigned had a good understanding and business sense and that helped us communicate our requirements very clearly. Very responsive, professional and highly ethical.”

– Dhivya Raghavan

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