Can technology help break barriers and enable the Transgender community mingle with the larger world?

Transgenders, in simple words are people either born as male with female characteristics or born as female with male characteristics. Transgender people come from all walks of life. They are dads and moms, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They are our coworkers, our neighbors and our friends. They are 6-year-old children and 60-year-old grandparents. They are a diverse community, representing all racial, ethnic backgrounds and faiths.

As we spoke to Ruby, a Transman, we learnt that they’ve been for years living in a closed community. “We never force anyone to join our community, people join by their own. Today, we have a community of 200 people. They join us because they’re not accepted outside. People aren’t yet able to identify us as one among them.”

While humanity is yet to fully understand the need for diversity and inclusion, popular dating app Tinder, last year made it open for people to identify themselves as any gender, which has lead to about 250,000 transgender matches, till date.
Source: CNN Tech

We think technology can initiate a mindset shift, create new opportunities for people to connect, beyond barriers. For example, an online recruitment platform could initially keep the gender of the candidate confidential and reveal the gender at a later point, to ensure opportunities reach everyone and fair chances are given to everyone applying for the position. This would help have Trans people contribute to the economy and benefit from it. A small shift in the Recruitment industry could lead to positive changes in other industries. Here’s how.

Today Healthcare industry has solutions for Trans people which can help them lead a normal life, like cross-sex hormonal therapies to control feminizing / masculinizing features. With the help of technology and artificial intelligence, we can create fitness / wellbeing applications which would help Transgenders better understand their health and take corrective actions for their wellbeing. This creates opportunities for the Insurance industry, specifically Health Insurance companies to create more Trans friendly policies, for Transmen and Transwomen undergoing therapies. Many thanks to National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, for example, advises transgender people on medical options and legal health care rights. The NHS offers therapy, hormone programs and sexual reassignment surgery.

Today, basic academic education is highly accessible with technology and internet, this could be made subsidised, to encourage the Trans community to receive basic academic education and pursue a career of interest. This would encourage them to graduate in a field of interest and pursue higher studies or researches. This would subsequently influence the finance industry, encouraging them to offer credit / loans for education, healthcare or family, without gender bias.

How do you think Technology can bring a mindset shift to embrace diversity? How can we create a better future for everyone, by being more accepting of all kinds of genders?

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