One of our favourite customers Dan from Staffimes sent some amazing chocolates from switzerland this week and another customer Indecomm shared some donut love with us to say thanks for all the hard work.Counting you among our clients is something for which we are specially gratefull. We trully value your business and looking forward for more engagement with you. Thanks for all the love! 🙂
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I’m Shweta in the 3rd month of being a Codewaver. In the Codewave family, I found a place of work that I can call my second home without hesitation. I don’t believe in piling up the good stuff within me, so here I am sharing my experience.

It was a bright sunny morning and the first day of my professional career at Codewave. I dressed up very well in formals with my notepad and pen intact. I was in a perception of companies starting at 9 am and working till 6 pm, I wanted to be on time, so started early and rushed to office at 8.45 am. Took a long breath because I have won the battle of Bangalore traffic and reached on time!

Culture shock

As soon I entered I was shocked! I saw a guy relaxing on a bean bag. Few of them playing Table tennis. I saw couple of guys wearing shorts as if they are at home. Some of them sitting in the round table and working in a group, discussing problems and solving them.

I moved around and shook hands with one of the employees and asked, “Where is my cube? Where do I sit and work?”. She passed on a smile and said, you are welcome to sit anywhere you wish to sit and work. My assumption of Codewave having larger cubicles and separate office rooms all went wrong.

Meanwhile I had got all the papers ready for the HR formalities to be done and was waiting for Vidhya and Abhijith, founders of Codewave. They entered in a very simple gesture and gave a very warm welcome to me with a smiling face. Again, my perception of CEO’s being very serious and strict was put down. I handed over all the documents to Vidhya, she said, “At Codewave we don’t just look at the past to judge, we’re keen to see what talent and ideas one could bring from their life experience.” Trust me I was sensing a different culture then what I heard and read about IT companies on social media and from my friends.

Pursuit of excellence and trust

Days passed on, I got used to the culture of Codewave. I was given the roadmap for the projects I need to complete, with not too strict deadlines. I believe this is the belief that Codewave keeps in its employees that they will always complete the projects on time with maximum productivity and in their own unique ways. One thing that contributes to our high level of diversity is the way we hire.

I was reminded about the saying from Bill Gates –
“I will always hire the lazy person to do a difficult job. Because he will always find an easy way to do it”.

Codewave has a unique way of interview process where your skills are tested. The team looks for passion, attitude, honesty and humility in people.

We believe in keeping our organization as flat as possible to leverage the full potential of our diversity. I felt like more of being in a place where I can showcase my talent and apply all my knowledge to give the best to the company.

ratna mary at codewave leadership cafe


Trust me, CEO of the company sits besides us and works alongside of us. There is no manager, everyone is a leader! There is no hierarchy in the company, its a flat structure. You need not wait for a year long to get the review from your lead / mentor. Everyone in the company can review one another, you can ask for a review or give a review on daily basis. All these are done through “Peerly” app developed in-house by Codewave .

Peerly is a feedback tool which helps in giving constructive and genuine feedback between peers in codewave. Peerly helps peers to evaluate fellow team members based on five parameters i,e Dependability, Competence, Ownership, TeamPlay and Impact.

ratna mary at codewave leadership cafe