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Looking to tap the power of AI for your business? We could tell you where to start. If your business runs on the internet, there is a lot you could automate using ‘Artificially Intelligent’ services, which can be of assistance to your customers, until a stage where a human intervention is required. AI aided systems, can create human like engagement with your customers, by asking relevant, empathetic questions and providing smart answers, while automatically triggering practical, follow up actions. There is also a lot your business could do with ‘machine learning’, where an ‘intelligent’ software system interprets patterns in data, generates inferences, signals consistencies and anomalies, revealing new opportunities for your business.

Did you know?

 An Artificially Intelligent app can be trained to interact with humans, using voice recognition, touch sensing, language interpretations, visual perception and programmed decision making.

 An Artificially Intelligent app can be trained to predict behaviour, change conversational tone and personalize the experience for your customers, based on interpretations of data.

 AI and Automation put together are seeding disruptive ideas and presenting new possibilities, that can transform conventional business processes.

At Codewave, we understand our customer’s business, their digital readiness and identify opportunities with AI. We bring expertise in understanding the limitations with our customer’s existing business applications and visualizing new potential with AI. We also conceptualize solutions that turn manual processes into ‘automated’ artificially intelligent processes which will ultimately increase business profit, by minimizing the cost of human interventions. We design AI aided systems that provide a personalized digital experience for the user, eliminating the need to use a range of different applications.

Typically what kind of AI applications we build?

  • Apps that create a personalized user experience by learning from the user’s preferences, past interactions and recognizing intent, like Alexis.
  • Apps like Siri, AI-powered personal assistant that accepts voice commands to provide relevant information and connects you instantly to relevant online services
  • Machine learning programs, that churn meaningful, actionable insights from data for your business
  • Automated IVR conversations with bots

How do we manage projects and deliver?

Click to learn more about our “agile mindset” and how we’ve made Agile our own, with a focus on progress than burnout.


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