About Codewave


Codewave was founded in May 2013 with a vision to build beautiful apps with reliable technology, for the web and mobile, helping brands create an impact online. From a team of 4 to 45 in the last 3 years, the team has been organically growing through referrals, sustaining being completely customer funded, and has seen extremely high engagement and retention, with a people ­first approach.

“Codewave’s biggest strength is in our ability to create and maintain a workplace, which nudges people to be their greatest selves. Everything else follows.” – Abhijith, Founder & CEO

The company has built over 200 sites and applications in 3 years, for diverse industries like healthcare, education, energy, legal, finance and others, accelerating passionate, purpose led businesses in more than 15 countries, bringing a global impact. Codewave is a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award 2015.

What we believe

Codewave is one of the first companies, to have eliminated generic rating scales for people, the bell curve appraisal practice and have instead adopted a more dynamic performance review practice that carefully aligns potential to opportunity and promotes individuals when they’re ready. We’re proud to be a p​eople first company,​ that has developed unique, people development practices and a workplace closer to home.

codewave - what we believe - award winning app development company

People are here to bloom

We believe that people are here to bloom, and our individual and collective responsibility is to create an environment that makes it happen. Codewave has developed a unique performance recognition practice that recognizes individuals ready for the next level and carefully matches potential to opportunity, eliminating generic performance rating scales.

Customer is not a king, is a peer

We believe in sharing peer comfort with our customers, connecting with them at a vision level and working with them to build a holistic solution to the problem they’re solving, re­defining transactional vendor ­ buyer engagements. Codewave has product thinkers inhouse being a services company, as it helps resonate with product managers, business owners on the other side.

Intention and potential, bring people

We believe intentions bring people, not just a pitch. The team puts focused effort on raising potential, individually and collectively to be able to attract the right opportunities for growing sustainably. Customers till date, have approached us through in person referrals or directly connected with us through our website, reaffirming the directions we’re headed.

Our work life is our life’s work

We start with why, everything we do is led by purpose. What gives us the impetus to keep going is the Codewave Leadership Cafe’​, an event organized every week to have people share insights and inspiration from their lives. We draw inspiration from people and learn how each one of us is making an impact in the environment we’re in. We believe there is no longer a divide between work and home.