May 2014

Everything needs a makeover! From old to new. From outdated to in-fashion. From primitive to state-of-the-art. Here is a story of one of our greatest website makeovers!

Very recently, a friend at an auto-component manufacturing company in Bangalore approached us, shared that he was flying soon to Germany for an international conference where he needed to present his company to a large global audience and needed a total remake of his company website. Basically, complete website “refashioning”, sprucing it up with contemporary design and powerful brand messaging. In about 2 and a half days.

We took a quick look at his website and knew exactly what we needed to do next.

Here’s how the website looked before and after the makeover.


The result is a presentation to remember, powerful brand recall and a happy brand evangelist. We are doing more such website makeovers, helping brands communicate and connect with people better and doing stuff you’d love to point out on your business card.