November 2013

Codewave launches Circuit9 to win big bang awards 2013

The first website, the first milestone, the first recognition is invaluable to Codewave, for many reasons. Our first launch, was a corporate website for Circuit9, a creative ad agency. One of the things about doing a corporate website is that you’ve got to be extremely careful about the perception of the brand, overall experience on the website and ease of use. (Even more complex, if its a creative agency.) It isn’t a job. Its a responsibility. This being our first, we had all the reasons to be anxious.

The one thing on our mind was to nail the experience. Of-course there were other things too like SEO (the Google science), responsive design, bug fixing and all the rest of it.

While we were coding, testing and deploying, we made sure people loved every bit of what they saw.

That vision, continues to be central to everything we do and we believe differentiates us from everyone else.

Later this year, Circuit9 got a massive opening from people and won the Big-Bang award for the best corporate website 2013.

codewave - building products people love

It’s time we blogged about whats happening at Codewave and how we are changing the world. It all started 6 months back, with a project, a couch and a lot of coffee; with no clue of tomorrow.

All we knew was to code with an aspiration to build awesome digital experiences for people.

And we just did that. It’s been a great journey since then, a challenging one too. It gave us some rattling new experiences, intense learning, amazing people and deep connections. Today we’re absolutely excited about what we’ve done so far, the apps we’ve built, the websites we’ve launched and the hearts we’ve touched! Tomorrow, looks promising and we’re lucky we have a passionate team diving into the next wave.

More to go!